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Our Mission


Here at Pufferfish we create spaces for students to apply the knowledge taught by our coaches and promote a culture in which students can provide critical, positive feedback to improve both their own understanding as well as that of their peers.

In an industry primarily focused on the transmission of information, we emphasize personal development through repeated practical application of the knowledge, tools, insights, and feedback received from course instructors and fellow learners.

This approach transforms the goal of learning from perfecting a piece of content to receive the highest marks to perfecting the art of learning to be the best one can be.

It Begins with


Meet our Team

Anderson Haran

Anderson Haran

Coach / Project Manager
Anderson Haran is the Head of Sales & Data Management, Event Planning & Sales. He is also a coach and a famous tik-toker who can spark our whole team's creativity with his out of the box perspectives and insights.

He has over 3 years of experience as a Quality Assurance and a Team Leader at a British-owned BOI Company. Also, he was a Software Engineer with a BSc (Hons) in Computer science and Software Engineering

Shuhaib Ali

Shuhaib Ali

Founder / Coach
Shuhaib Ali is an educationalist, soft skill trainer, coach, communications evangelist & public speaker, and a certified assessor in training, teaching, and assessing learning.

At Pufferfish his role extends to strategic planning and focused on course design where he ensures that lesson goals are delivered with a meaningful message in an entertaining way. The 5elfies guy!

Salma Moosin

Salma Moosin

Coach / Head of Academics
Salma Moosin is the Lead ICP Jr. Coach and administration officer. She is a teacher, facilitator and loves to stick notes on notice walls, laptops, and tables wherever a "sticky-note" can be seen. She is our guide star at meetings with a long colour-coded ToDo List.

She is also a Trained Assessor/ Facilitator ICP Junior | Primary-Secondary-Tertiary Educator | Writer and qualified with Diploma in Child Psychology.